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This website includes the learning materials for the Inventions for Circular Economy in the Classroom study unit (5 cr) of the Master’s Programme in Educational Sciences. The materials were created as part of a project by The University of Helsinki and The Faculty of Educational Sciences. The subproject of The Faculty of Educational Sciences is part of a group of projects titled Circular economy teaching for all levels of education, funded by Sitra. The development of the subproject of the Faculty of Educational Sciences has been supervised by a steering group.

This website describes how to make use of inventions for circular economy as a pedagogical approach for furthering a sustainable lifestyle in schools. The examples presented are mainly from primary schools, however they are also applicable for use with older students. Inventions for circular economy combines several disciplines, and the topic can easily be used in multidisciplinary modules described in the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education, as well as in thematic subject modules in upper secondary school. These materials are primarily intended for pre-service teacher training but can also be used in in-service training.

Cite this website: Juuti, K., Lommi, H., & Turkkila, M. (2019). The Inventions for Circular Economy in the Classroom. The University of Helsinki.

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