Course requirements

Study unit EDUM022 Inventions for circular economy in the classroom

Aim and content

The student is expected to be willing to participate in a course combining circular economy and invention pedagogy. The materials on this website will function as a roadmap to help the student understand and learn. A strong emphasis is placed on planning and carrying out a teaching period in collaboration with the school. Finally, the student will reflect on the systemic shifts in his/her actions, thoughts, and perceptions. The student will also reflect on how he/she would implement aspects of circular economy in his/her own teaching.

After finishing the course

  • the student understands the significance of circular economy in promoting sustainable wellbeing
  • the student possesses the means to plan integrative teaching modules furthering circular economic thinking
  • the student is able to apply and develop digital technology and invention pedagogy in his/her teaching
  • the student is able to evaluate his/her decisions from a circular economic viewpoint


Passing the course involves planning, executing, and reflecting on an invention pedagogical teaching period relating to the theme of circular economy, in collaboration with the school’s teachers. This website provides materials on circular economy and invention pedagogy to support the planning of the teaching period. An essay reflecting on the teaching period will be written at the end of the course, and the essay will be assessed.