“Exploring Islamic Finance in a Masterpiece: The student Blog Presentations Held in the Iconic University of Helsinki Main Building”

By Sanaa Kadi,

The Islamic business law course offered by the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki from 6.2-3.3. 2023 was held in the university’s main building, which is a true masterpiece of architecture in Helsinki. 

The main building is not only a stunning work of art, but it also offers a rich academic environment, providing a conducive atmosphere for learning and discovery. The building is equipped with modern facilities, including lecture halls, seminar rooms, and study areas, which offer a comfortable and convenient learning environment for students.

The Islamic business law course, held in this historic and iconic building, was a unique opportunity for students to not only learn about Islamic finance and its principles but also to experience the academic and cultural richness of Helsinki’s university buildings.

To further enhance their learning, the law students were asked at the end of the course to present a blog post about one of the topics of Islamic business law. These blog posts are progressively published in this blog, Islamic Business and Financial Law. A law student said:

“I initially had knowledge of how business law operated from the purview of conventional commercial banking, but learnt more of that from the Islamic law perspective as well.”

Overall, the Islamic business law course held in the University of Helsinki’s main building was a unique and enriching experience for law students, providing them with an opportunity to learn in a beautiful and inspiring environment, while also expanding their knowledge and understanding of Islamic finance and its principles.


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