Needs arise from a combination of factors. It’s worth thinking about these factors, bearing in mind that needs may be either concrete, such as writing an essay, or more psychological e.g. overcoming inhibition.

What languages and what specific language skills and purposes are important for you at university? And how about later on in life? Does motivation affect your needs, or perhaps vice-versa? If so, in what way? Is there anything that you think could be useful but that you have been avoiding? Do you rarely stray from your comfort zone? At times our needs are not too clear: self-reflection on our learning process may help us specify and prioritise them.

Student’s voices:

I have to read a lot of text books and articles which are not in Finnish

I plan to be an exchange student

I should be able to speak more fluently

a_ryhma_ohistoriaI hope to work in an international setting

I need more words!

I have to write my thesis in English

I need to find the courage to open my mouth