Mulki Al-Sharmani is Associate Professor at Helsinki University. She is an anthropologist specializing in contemporary Islamic interpretative traditions, Muslim family laws and gender traditions as well as modern diasporas and transnational lives.

Ruth Illman is Director of the Donner Institute and specializing in cultural encounters, interreligious dialogue and relationships between art and religion as well as contemporary religion and lived Judaism.

Kim Knott is Professor in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University. She specializes in theories of space, place and the sacred, the relations between religion and the secular as well as ideologies in social context.

Anne-Marie Korte is Professor of Religion and Gender and the director of the research project “Beyond ‘Religion versus Emancipation’: Women’s Conversions to Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Contemporary Western Europe” at Utrecht University.

Arniika Kuusisto, Professor in Child and Youth Studies at Stockholm University, specializes in value learning. She currently leads an Academy of Finland funded project on the prevention of radicalization at schools.

Robert Orsi, Professor of Religious Studies at Northwestern University, is a historian, ethnographer and scholar of lived religion who has published widely on the dynamics of religious life in present-day society.

Kari Mikko Vesala, Docent and Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Helsinki, specializes in social psychological theories of agency, individualism, learning, and qualitative methodology.