Changes in group work rooms in Kaisa House during summer

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The Main Library’s group study rooms will be centralized to the 4th floor

The small group study rooms on the floors 5-7 will move to the 4th floor during June and July. The larger rooms for group work (5005 and 6005) on the floors 5 and 6 facing Kaisaniemenkatu will remain as they are.

The five quiet reading rooms on the 4th floor will be changed into group study rooms. Accordingly the five group study rooms on the upper floors will be organized for quiet study. Thus possible noise from the group study rooms will no longer disturb those who want to study in peace and quiet.

Rooms on the fourth floor 4038 and 4040 will be provided with separating walls in order to achieve two more rooms. After the change there will be 10 group study rooms on the 4th floor: the rooms 4033-4043 on the long wall facing Fabianinkatu and a separate larger room 4005 facing Kaisaniemenkatu.

Group study rooms will be centralized to the 4th floor and quiet study spaces will move to the floors 5-7.

The work will start during week 23 (June 5-11)

The work will be carried out gradually during June and July starting from the 4th floor reading spaces which will be withdrawn from use on week 23.

From June 5th onwards the small group study rooms on the floors 5-7 (5039, 5040, 6040, 6041, and 7048) cannot be reserved until further notice. However, if there isn’t ongoing work in the rooms, they can be used freely. Watch notes on the room entrances.

The new group study rooms on the 4th floor as well as the new reading spaces on the floors 5-7 are free for use as soon as the work is finished in each room.

Please remember to follow the group study room rules

Especially during rush hours in spring it is important to keep your reservations prompt and cancel if the reserved space is no longer needed. The same rules are valid in all the library’s group study rooms including learning centres.

The maximum time for a reservation is 2 hours. If nobody shows up the reservation will expire. If possible, cancel the reservation in the office calendar to avoid no-show reservations.

Rules of the group facilities