Library’s customer service desks are closed on Wed 12 December

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On Wednesday, December 12, all library’s customer service desks are closed due to the staff development day.

Library premises are open and available on a self-service basis as follows; Main Library Kaisa House 8-20, Kumpula Campus Library 8-18, Meilahti Campus Library 8-20 and Viikki Campus Library 8-19.

At the Self Service Library you can borrow and return material as well as use work stations and study.

When the customer service is closed you can not

  • pay fees at the counter
  • buy copy cards
  • get a temporary account to the wireless network (HUPNet-accounts)
  • get a key to reserved mobile storage unit
  • get ID Point identification service
  • get any personal instruction.

There will be phone service from 10 am to 7 pm. Call 02941 23920.

Additional information on Self-Service Library online.

Opening hours for Christmas season start on Monday, 17 December 2018. Check the opening hours online.