New guide helps researchers to improve the visibility of their research outputs

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More than 4000 research papers are published daily. Activities aimed at promoting research are increasingly important in researcher’s work. By making your research visible and accessible you increase chances of your research being noticed, used and having impact, thus increasing your own reputation and chances of success in your academic work.

Altmetric Explorer, Kudos and PlumX are Helsinki University Library subscriptions.

Helsinki University Library’s new guide for researchers, Research Visibility & Altmetrics, offers tips and information on how to use different tools to improve the visibility of research. The guide answers following questions:

  • How to improve your academic visibility?
  • Which tools are recommendable and how to use them?
  • How researchers at the University of Helsinki have used these tools?
  • What are altmetrics and how to make use of social media metrics?
  • What are pros and cons of social networks for researchers (i.a., ResearchGate)?

The guide presents many tools and it gives a closer look on Kudos, PlumX and Altmetric Explorer. These services are Helsinki University Library subscriptions and thus supported by the library.

Research Visibility & Altmetrics guide has been carried out by HULib information specialists and liaison librarians from various disciplines, Jukka Englund, Terhi Sandgren, Markku Roinila and Mika Holopainen.