Open Seminar at Main Library: Barack Obama’s Second Honeymoon

University of Helsinki, U.S. Embassy and the American Resource Center would like to invite you to an open seminar:

Barack Obama’s Second Honeymoon: The First Hundred Days of President Obama’s Second Term in Office, and Beyond

Friday, April 26, 2013 at 09:30-15:30
Helsinki University Main Library at Kaisa House, Fabianinkatu 30, 7th floor
No advance registration. Feel free to attend your preferred sessions.

PROGRAM (see the flyer)
0930-0945   David McGuire, U.S. Embassy Helsinki
Opening of the Seminar

0945-1000  Markku Henriksson, University of Helsinki
”Honeymoons, Presidents, and  Barack Obama”

1000-1100  Vesa Kanniainen, University of Helsinki
“The Obama Economics : Economic  Constraints  from the Past, Political Constraints from Today, and Prospects for the  Future”

1100-1200  Ville Kaitila, Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA
”Effects of a Transatlantic Partnership: Results from a Survey of Finnish Firms”


1330-1345  Richard Schein, University of Helsinki
”Whither (or wither) Hope? Speculations on Some Cultural Promises of the Obama Presidency”

1345-1400  Rani-Henrik Andersson, University of Helsinki
”President Obama – New Hope for Native Americans?”

1400-1430  Alex Kunst, Aalto University School of Business
”Obama, the Radio Address, and His First 100 Days”

1430-1530  Anna Kronlund, University of Jyväskylä
” Executive-Legislative Relations and Obama’s Second Term”

More information
American Resource Center
Helsinki University Library
P.O.Box  53 (Fabianinkatu 30)
00014 University of Helsinki
Phone (+358-9) 191 24048
e-mail:  <>

Helsinki University Library Receives Book Donation from the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission donated Toivo Koskikallio’s book collection to Helsinki University Library. Missionary and sinologist Toivo Koskikallio (1889-1967) studied at the University of Helsinki and worked in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Koskikallio’s book collection contains mainly dictionaries and Chinese spiritual and philosophic literature. Oldest works are from the 1700’s and a part of the material is in old Chinese that only experts can read.
The collection was donated by Seppo Rissanen, Director of Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, and received by Ulla-Maija Forsberg, Vice-Rector of University of Helsinki and University Librarian Kaisa Sinikara. Koskikallio’s relatives (Jouko and Petteri Koskikallio) were also present at the donation ceremony.
Photo: Helena Hiltunen

Four thesis terminals in Main Library

There are four thesis terminals now in Main Library (Kaisa House). Terminals are located on floors 4-6 and K4.

From thesis terminal you can find in full text:
Master’s Theses

  • Faculty of Social Sciences from 2010
  • Faculty of Law, from autumn 2012
  • History of Art, from autumn 2011

Bachelor’s theses

  • Faculty of Theology from 2011

Saving and sending from the thesis terminal is prohibited by copyright laws. Also printing is prohibited for the time being.