Helsinki University Library Receives Book Donation from the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission

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Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission donated Toivo Koskikallio’s book collection to Helsinki University Library. Missionary and sinologist Toivo Koskikallio (1889-1967) studied at the University of Helsinki and worked in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Koskikallio’s book collection contains mainly dictionaries and Chinese spiritual and philosophic literature. Oldest works are from the 1700’s and a part of the material is in old Chinese that only experts can read.
The collection was donated by Seppo Rissanen, Director of Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, and received by Ulla-Maija Forsberg, Vice-Rector of University of Helsinki and University Librarian Kaisa Sinikara. Koskikallio’s relatives (Jouko and Petteri Koskikallio) were also present at the donation ceremony.
Photo: Helena Hiltunen