Library of Parliament’s Annual Research Seminar March 3 – Welcome!

The Annual Research Seminar: Researchers at the Researchers´ Room of The Library of Parliament

Each researcher presents her/his own research topic. Refreshments. Welcome!
Tuesday 3rd of March 2015 at 13 – 16 hours
Lecture Room Aurora, The Library of Parliament

13.00 Seminaarin avaus / Opening words, Eduskunnan kirjaston johtaja / Director of The Library of Parliament Sari Pajula

13.05 Valtio tietoyhteiskuntana: poliittisen aluetutkimuksen näkökulma, Professori Sami Moisio, Helsingin yliopisto

13.15 Vahingonkorvausvastuun määräytyminen sähköisen identiteetin tunnistus- ja allekirjoituspalveluissa, OTL Tuire Saaripuu, Helsingin yliopisto

13.30 Genesis of a  cross-breeding  Power Élite in Senegal: A Comparative study: Politics-Law & Constitution-Constitutional Law, VTL Silvain Sagne, University of Eastern Finland
13.45 Language factor in nation state building and national development, M Soc Sci Michael Uba, Åbo Akademi
14.00 Customary or commercial? Nordicallemansrätt/jokamiehenoikeus and the lingonberry rush of the 19th century, VTM Matti La Mela, European University Institute (Firenze)

14.15 Kahvitauko /  Refreshments

14.45 ”Välietapilla” – koulutuspolulta poikenneiden nuorten elämänkulku ja toimijuus, KM Sanna Mäkinen, Itä-Suomen yliopisto

15.00 Customs Cooperation in Criminal Matters between the European Union Customs Union and the Member States in Cross-Border Goods Traffic – There is a need for a supranational criminal law, OTM Elise Luovula, Helsingin yliopisto

15.15 Competing conceptions or one and the same? Norm promotion by the EU and US in the context of the “Arab Spring” , VTM Ville Sinkkonen, Turun yliopisto

15.30 Corporate Power and Human Rights – Can non-binding corporate social responsibility instruments evolve into mandatory regulation? , OTM Lia Ojanen, Helsingin yliopisto

15.45 Was there a balance of Power system in the ancient Near East? – Near Eastern Diplomacy during the Third and Second Millennium BCE, VTM Alex Aissaoui, Helsingin yliopisto

Application period for researcher’s places in Library of Parliament

The Researcher’s Room in the Library of Parliament has 10 researcher’s places. The use of a researcher’s place is granted upon application for a five months period at a time.

Places in the Researcher’s Room are intended for researchers whose work involves parliamentary affairs, jurisprudence or society. A researcher is a person who conducts research at the licentiate level or higher and whose work requires extensive use of the collections or archives material in the Library of Parliament. (Library of Parliament’s Researcher’s Room: Conditions of use, 1§)

Application period for researcher’s places for 4.8. – 31.12.2014  begins on Monday 2 June 2014. Applications should be received by the Library of Parliament no later than 4.15 p.m. on Monday 16 June 2014.

Application forms are also available from the Library’s Archival and Reference Service Desk.

Send the application by post to:

Annamari Törnwall

Library of Parliament


or as an appended file by e-mail to:


Further information available from:

Annamari Törnwall, tel. (09) 432 3466

Pirkko Kaitaharju, tel. (09) 432 3488

Library of Parliament gives information management training (in Finnish)

The Library of Parliament arranges information management training regarding

    • parliamentary information sources
    • legal information sources
    • the EU’s and international organisations’ information sources and databases

Courses are intended for all users and are held in Finnish. Customised training is also arranged for key user groups.

The Library of Parliament also arranges presentations for groups. More information.


Helsinki University Library Receives Book Donation from the Embassy of Mexico

Agustin Gutiérrez Canet, the Ambassador of Mexico, and Hannu Uusi-Videnoja, former Ambassador of Finland to Mexico, presented the Helsinki University Library with at book donation of Mexican art and cultural history.  The books will be included in the Art History collection of  the Main Library in the  Kaisa House.  Included in the donation is a book written by Ambassador Agustín Gutiérrez Canet on Mexico and Finland.

Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson, who received the donation, and  University Librarian Kaisa Sinikara were very pleased  to accept this prominent addition to the  Helsinki University Library collections.

The Main Library in the Kaisa House received an impressive book donation. Inspecting it Researcher in Latin American Studies Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen, University Librarian Kaisa Sinikara, Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson, Ambassador Agustín Gutiérrez Canet, former Ambassador of Finland to Mexico Hannu Uusi-Videnoja and Library Director Pälvi Kaiponen.
Photo Ari Aalto.

Empowering People – New Book of the University Library Project with Namibia

The two year project ”Human Resource Development Project at the University of Namibia Library”  between the university libraries of Tampere, Helsinki and Namibia has produced a new book: Empowering People – Collaboration between Finnish and Namibian University Libraries.

The success and strength of the university libraries are due to motivated, keen and skillful people. Today collaboration and knowledge sharing play a crucial role both within and between organizations. Empowering people: Collaboration between Finnish and Namibian University Libraries is about people and collaboration in the context of human resource development at the University of Namibia Library.

Empowering people provides both practice-oriented and research-based approaches to important themes in the field of university libraries. It covers the information seeking behaviour of academic staff and students, collection and research support services, information literacy education, scholarly communication and scientific publishing. Staff competence management and evidence -based librarianship are introduced as methods for coping in the changing environment.

Empowering people is the outcome of collaboration between three university libraries, those of the University of Namibia, the University of Tampere and the University of Helsinki.

Interested? Please buy the book from Granum.

Additional information:
Mirja Iivonen, mirja.t.iivonen [at]
Outi Sisättö. outi.sisatto [at]
Päivi Helminen, paivi.helminen [at]

Main Library Group Work Rooms Now Available for Reservation

Helsinki University students are able to make reservations to Kaisa House’s group facilities with their own user account via WebTimmi reservation system.

University staff will be able to do reservations later.

Group facilities

4th floor

4005 (2-11 people)

4042 (2-5 people)

4043 (2-5 people)

4044.1 and 4044.2 microform reading room, 1-2 users at the same time (equipment not ready yet, available for reading or group work).

5th floor

5005 (2-11 people)

5039 (2-5 people)

5040 (2-5 people)

5041.1 = scanner for large picture books (A3 paper size), 1 user

5041.2 =microform scanner, 1 user

6th floor

6005 (2-11 people)

6040 (2-5 people)

6041 (2-5 people)

7th floor

7046 (2-8 people, for the university staff only)

7048 (2-7 people)

Printing from your own device now possible in main library

Members of the University of Helsinki can print to university printers from their own devices.

  • Click ”Add printers” on your right. The next time you log on, you will be able to choose previously added printers. Search for printers using the numbers indicated below (for some machines, an old street address may be shown)
Printer: Location:
244911 (printing from quota) 6th floor printer room
0055 (printing from quota) 5th floor printer room
244812 (printing from quota) 4th floor printer room
243228 (printing with copy card only) 6th floor printer room
0428738 (printing with copy card only) 4th floor printer room


  • Click the ”Go to printing view” tab and select a file from ”Browse”. The file must be in pdf or ps format, so you should start by converting your file.
  • If you use a copy card to print, put the card in the slot, open the print queue, select your print job (“Remote User”) and select “Release”.
  • You can also install wpr as a printer on your computer, and then you will be able to print files of any format without converting them to pdf or ps first.
  • Instructions available in Finnish only at, Tulostus ja skannaus

You do not need to use wpr to print from workstations in the library or Aleksandria!