Welcome to Open Science afternoon: Think Corner 24.10. at 12:00-14:00

In Open Science afternoon Finnish research funders discuss about Plan S – an initiative to make full and immediate Open Access to research publications a reality.

At the event University of Helsinki will also reward an open science promoter. The event ends with the sounds of Finnish electronic music combined to Open Science!

Programme and event in Finnish


The event is part of the International Open Access Week at the University of Helsinki Library, free of charge and open to everyone.

For more information on events during the International Open Access Week (22.-28.10.2018), visit the library’s Open Access event site.

Service break / Medic 21.03.18

There is a service break in Medic-database at the moment, 21.03.18.

Unfortunately there is no information at the moment how long the break will last.


On Trial: SciVal Trends until 17.10

What is SciVal Trends?

SciVal Trends allows researchers to search current scientific trends. By choosing an existing research area, or defining one of your own, this tool provides up-to-date information on scientific research. SciVal Trends displays information in a variety of ways: by institutions, countries, authors, journals and keyphrases (including a useful keyphrase diagram in the summary section). As such, researchers can find the current scientific trends that might lead to a new research strategy, opportunities to collaborate, or help identify the recent work of peers in their research area.

Please be aware that you will need to register for a SciVal account in order to fully access this resource.

The trial for SciVal Trends ends on 17.10.2017.

Please send feedback: e-library@helsinki.fi

Psychology and logopedics books will move during September

Kaisa house library´s psychology and logopedics books will move to Meilahti from August 21st to October 1st. The books will be out of the customers’ reach at that time. All books will be back in customer use by October 2nd.

During the move, you can return books to all other library sites including the return box located on the Meilahti Campus (Haarmaninkatu 3 lobby). Loans from these collections have no due dates on September.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

We meet on October at Terkko Health Hub

Meilahti Campus Library opens October 2nd as a part of the Terkko Health Hub. The library is open Mon-Fri 8-20, customer service 10-17. Outside the desk service hours, the library serves as a Self Service Library.


Helka in use, but maintenance work still underway

There was a service break in Helka August 3rd – 4th. The database is now in use, but maintenance work is still being carried out. Any fines incurred during the break will be removed. 

Loans, renewals and returns from week 31 (July 31st – August 4th) may not be correctly displayed in your account. Changes in your information may not have been updated in the database, and new cards may be inactive. If you have made reservations during this period, you should do them again. The due date for books that fell due last week and today will be moved to August 22nd to avoid unnecessary fines.

We are currently working our way through the returns. We are working as fast as we can to get the database up to date.

If your information is still not displayed correctly after August 14th, please contact the library: library@helsinki.fi

We are sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience!