Learn How to Seek Information

In the spring term 2019, Helsinki University Library offers information seeking and management courses both online and on campuses.

You will find the course selection on the library web site (most of the courses are in Finnish).

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Online course in English

You can train your information seeking skills by taking an online course.

Information Seeking and Management for Thesis Writers

The course is aimed at students working on their master’s thesis.

Similar bachelor level courses are available in Finnish and Swedish:

These online courses are free of charge to everybody that are interested in the topic.

Dot quite sure how to participate in our online course? Read more detailed instructions how to register in our previous blog post.

More courses in English (spring 2019)

Information Seeking (Weboodi 99910)
Location: Kaisa House
Fri 25th of January 2019
at 10.15-11.45

RefWorks Reference Management (Weboodi 98510)
Location: Kaisa House
Tue 19th of March 2019
at 17.15-18.45
Wed 20th of February 2019
at 12.15-13.45

These courses are open free of charge for university students and staff members.

The full course description and schedule is available in Weboodi. Search courses by using the code or browsing the course catalogue (erillislaitokset > Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto).

Information seeking Workshop

Information Seeking Workshop continues on Mondays from 7th of January until 3rd of June 2019 at Kaisa House, computer lab 5057. No preregistration is needed.

You can also drop and ask questions about information seeking. Individual guidance is provided on a first come, first served basis.

The workshop is targeted at University of Helsinki students and staff.


Catch Your Sources: information seeking online course 2018-2019 now open!

Do you feel overwhelmed by all that excessive information that is available? Take control of your information seeking by participating in the online course Information Seeking and Management for Master’s Thesis Writer.

The course Information Seeking and Management for Master’s Thesis Writer 2018-2019 is now open.

Information Seeking and Management for Master’s Thesis Writer
This course is primarily aimed at students preparing to start working on their master’s thesis. However, the course is open free of charge to everybody that are interested in the topic.

As a course prerequisite, it is recommended to recap the University of Helsinki Student’s Digital Skills (formerly ICT Driving License) information seeking content before joining this course.

The course helps you to seek information, manage references and evaluate sources in a manner relevant to your thesis. In addition, you will be able to identify the most common indicators used in research evaluation, define the legal and ethical use of information resources and understand the basics of Open Science.

Log in using your University of Helsinki account using Haka login.

If you do not have an account from a Finnish university or research institute, you create a new user ID on mooc.helsinki.fi.

If you log in as a guest, you can only look at the course material and not participate in the course.

See also the library autumn course calendar for other information seeking and management courses.

Academic Information Seeking Courses

The library offers courses that help you to train academic information seeking and management skills. You will find the course details in the library autumn course calendar.

Examples of courses and services to support your information seeking:

The very basics

Are you new to the university and want to get familiar with the basics? You can study on your own with the help of the Student’s Digital Skills information seeking online material.

Courses in the center campus

Full detailes and registeration in Weboodi

  • Introduction to information seeking (weboodi 99904), Kaisa House, computer class 5057, Sessions in English: Fri 12.10.18, 12.15-13.45 OR Thu 01.11.18, 10.15-11.45 OR Wed 28.11.18, 16.15-17.45
  • Information Seeking (weboodi 99910): for those who already know the basics but want to deepen their seeking skills. Kaisa House, computer class 5057, Sessions in English: Mon 01.10.18, 10.15-11.45 OR Thu 22.11.18, 09.15-10.45

Information Seeking and Management for Thesis Writers (ONLINE COURSE)

Already starting to think about your master’s thesis? The renewed online course 2018-2019 will open for students 3rd of September 2018: Information Seeking and Management for Thesis Writers 

Information Seeking Workshop

10.9 – 17.12.2018, Kaisa House, 5th flr, computer class 5057.

Do you have any questions considering your information seeking? You can also drop in one of our information seeking workshops. Individual guidance is provided on a first come, first served basis. The workshop is targeted at UH students and staff. Follow us on Facebook.


RefWorks reference management 98510. See the course page for English-taught courses. Follow us on Facebook.


Kaisassa palloja

17.09.2018 updated info about the course dates 

Not a Library as You Know it – welcome to AI workshop: how to speed up your literature searches with artificial intelligence!

Workshop: Get started with Iris.ai Science Assistant!

 Hitting a roadblock in your research or thesis writing process? Do you struggle with the overwhelming volume of published scientific research?

Join the workshop and learn how to use Iris.ai – your science assistant, that semi-automates the discovery and literature review parts of your research process.

Why you should join?

Iris.ai has already read and memorised 80 million research papers – so you don’t have to! Iris helps you to get an overall landscape around your research challenge as well as a specific reading list covering the papers that you should actually spend time on reading.

As a result of attending the workshop and using the Iris.ai tools you’ll:

1. Save 90% of your time spent on mapping out existing scientific knowledge. Once a 2-4 week mapping process can now be be done in less than 2 days

2. Broaden your search beyond limiting keywords and get a full overview of all papers related to your research problem

3. Avoid endless results lists of research papers and built-in citation biases

4. Narrow down a long collection of research papers to a specific reading list that you should focus on

Who is it for?

The event is open and free for all University of Helsinki and HUS students, researchers and staff members. During the 2-hour workshop you will see a demo of how to get started with your Iris.ai Premium account and put the tools to the test. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions and receive invaluable support from Iris.ai team.

Register now!

When and where?

Iris.ai and Helsinki University Library host free workshop sessions at each campus. See the schedule below:

On Thursday April 12, 2018

10:00-12:00 City Center Campus: Main Library Kaisa-talo, Kaisa-sali 7062

13:00-15:00 Meilahti Campus: Terkko Health Hub, Auditorium, 2nd floor

On Friday April 13, 2018

10:00-12:00 Viikki Campus: Infokeskus Korona, Sali 172 (Viikinkaari 11)

13:00-15:00 Kumpula Campus: Kumpula: Exactum, B121 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2 B)

You can also choose to join a session via live stream on Thursday April 12 at 10:00-12:00.

Register now!

About Iris.ai

We’re Iris.ai, a company leveraging Machine Learning technology to understand scientific knowledge and develop the personalized Science Assistant of the future. Iris.ai tools allow you to map out the research landscape around any given research topic.

Study information seeking and management online!

Do you need help in finding sources for your master’s thesis but don’t have time to take a course? Try our new online open course on information seeking that is targeted at international students writing their master’s thesis.

MOOCThe course is produced by Helsinki University Library and it is currently a beta version.

The courses are open for everybody who want to polish their skills in information seeking and management.

You can look at the course materials as a guest but completing the assignments require a login. You can either:

Please note that if you have already joined courses by using user account and want to start now using your organisation ID (Haka) instead, you need to add yourself to the course again. We do not recommend you to do this in the middle of the course, because your previous assignments are only visible with your previously created ID!

The courses are open for the time being.

Experience a new way of learning and be surprised what you’ll find!

Updated 24.10.2017: added information regarding Haka login.

Looking for Something? Train Your Information Seeking and Management Skills!

Helsinki University Library offers information seeking and management courses in English during the fall semester. You can study how to use RefWorks reference management program, get individual guidance at the information seeking workshop or try our new online course for thesis writers. All the courses are free of charge for the UH students and staff.

Open Training

You can see the list of upcoming courses on our website or search for a course directly at Weboodi by using the course code.

Examples of upcoming courses held in English.

RefWorks Reference Management (Kaisa)
Students, please register at Weboodi, 98510. Others register here.

Information Retrieval: Life and Natural Sciences (Viikki)
Students, please register at Weboodi, 98511. Others register here.

RefWorks Reference Management (Viikki)
Students, please register at Weboodi, 98510. Others register here.

RefWorks Reference Management (Kaisa)
Students register at Weboodi 98510. Others register here.

Information Seeking Workshop

Kaisa House, 5th floor, computer class 5057
Every Monday 3 pm – 5 pm during the term (11.9. – 18.12.2017)
No prior registration required!

Just drop in whenever you like between 3 pm – 5 pm and ask your questions. You can bring your own laptop along.

The workshop is also on Facebook.

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More information about the courses on our website.