British Library Newspapers on trial until Aug 31

The most comprehensive range of regional and local newspapers in Britain between the mid eighteenth and mid twentieth centuries ever made available in a digital collection, the collections within the British Library Newspapers series provide a range of publications to reflect the social, political and cultural events of the times.

The series is composed of five collections:

  • British Library Newspapers, Part I: 1800-1900
  • British Library Newspapers, Part II: 1800-1900
  • British Library Newspapers, Part III: 1741-1950
  • British Library Newspapers, Part IV: 1732-1950
  • British Library Newspapers, Part V: 1746-1950

More information:

Newspapers from around the world – ProQuest Newsstand on trial until 30 April

ProQuest Newsstand database offers unparalleled access to the full text of more than 1300 newspapers, news websites and blogs from leading publishers throughout the world. Major newspapers include The Guardian, Le Monde diplomatique, El Pais, Observer, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and many others.


You can search a single title by using Search for library resources box on the Library’s website. All titles can also be found in NELLI and HELKA.

Database is on trial until 30 April 2016.

If you have any questions, we are glad to help with those: e-library[at]