Guidance Corner opening week at Kaisa House April 9-11th, 2019

Welcome to the opening of Guidance Corner, University students and staff!

During the opening week you can experience and get to know activities organized at Guidance Corner throughout the year. You can update your CV and job application, join an exercise session, try on a virtual reality headset, check how much you know about our University or Moodle, discuss open science, take a selfie or write your greetings to the parliamentary elections on the Student Union’s photo wall.

There’s also a chance to express your thoughts and opinions on what your dream Guidance Corner would look like in the future!

Check the Opening week’s programme:

Campaigning for peace and quiet: Library is for everyone

Quiet reading space is especially appreciated in the middle of the lively capital. We get a lot of feedback from the students, especially in the spring, that the library doesn’t provide enough reading and study space for all.

In the April 2017 survey, 74% of the library visitors were students, researchers and staff of the University of Helsinki. Approximately 6% of the visitors were readers studying for matriculation examination or admission tests.

In the Nordic libraries, availability has always been important. Availability concerns both access to information and the use of premises. It is also important to us: Although the Helsinki University Library primarily serves University of Helsinki students, researchers and stuff, it welcomes all customers.

Be one of the best!

It is important for the University of Helsinki that high school students can experience the university and its facilities and become acquainted with the university as a learning environment even before they have chosen their field of study. It is therefore important for the university that even students who are not already in the university feel welcome in all the open spaces of the university such as the library or lectures.

Student, reserve a group study room with your smartphone

Do you need a place to work on your group project or presentation? Did you know that you can reserve a group study room with your mobile device?

Just follow these simple steps  (recommended for Apple or Android users).

  1. You´ll need to use the University of Helsinki Office 365 email system (for UH students and staff) . Read more about Office 365 (switch to English via top right corner).
  2. Download the mobile version of Microsoft Outlook
    Instructions how to download Outlook from the AppStore/Google Play Store  (switch to English via top right corner).
  3. Follow these instructions to make a reservation through the Outlook app (example from Android version).

  4. Remember to check your university email to confirm your reservation was accepted.

Campus Library Group Facilities Email Addresses

Study information seeking and management online!

Do you need help in finding sources for your master’s thesis but don’t have time to take a course? Try our new online open course on information seeking that is targeted at international students writing their master’s thesis.

MOOCThe course is produced by Helsinki University Library and it is currently a beta version.

The courses are open for everybody who want to polish their skills in information seeking and management.

You can look at the course materials as a guest but completing the assignments require a login. You can either:

Please note that if you have already joined courses by using user account and want to start now using your organisation ID (Haka) instead, you need to add yourself to the course again. We do not recommend you to do this in the middle of the course, because your previous assignments are only visible with your previously created ID!

The courses are open for the time being.

Experience a new way of learning and be surprised what you’ll find!

Updated 24.10.2017: added information regarding Haka login.

Looking for Something? Train Your Information Seeking and Management Skills!

Helsinki University Library offers information seeking and management courses in English during the fall semester. You can study how to use RefWorks reference management program, get individual guidance at the information seeking workshop or try our new online course for thesis writers. All the courses are free of charge for the UH students and staff.

Open Training

You can see the list of upcoming courses on our website or search for a course directly at Weboodi by using the course code.

Examples of upcoming courses held in English.

RefWorks Reference Management (Kaisa)
Students, please register at Weboodi, 98510. Others register here.

Information Retrieval: Life and Natural Sciences (Viikki)
Students, please register at Weboodi, 98511. Others register here.

RefWorks Reference Management (Viikki)
Students, please register at Weboodi, 98510. Others register here.

RefWorks Reference Management (Kaisa)
Students register at Weboodi 98510. Others register here.

Information Seeking Workshop

Kaisa House, 5th floor, computer class 5057
Every Monday 3 pm – 5 pm during the term (11.9. – 18.12.2017)
No prior registration required!

Just drop in whenever you like between 3 pm – 5 pm and ask your questions. You can bring your own laptop along.

The workshop is also on Facebook.

Tiedonhankinnan työpaja

More information about the courses on our website. 


Reservation system for Aleksandria group work rooms changes

The reservations of the student group areas in Aleksandria move from the system to Office 365 as of 1 January 2016. The old will be shut down in January 2016.

In Office 365, the reservations are made using the dedicated calendar where students have the right to make reservations.

Reservations already made for year 2016 are not transferred automatically to Office 365. If necessary, the IT Center contacts the people who have already made such reservations.

Students are able to make reservations on Kaisa House group work rooms via new version of WebTimmi

Student: Do reservations on Kaisa House group work rooms via new version of WebTimmi!

Login for students works in the new test version. From WebTimmi login page there is a link to the new version (Opiskelija … tästä).

  • Please note this in the new version: Do not double-click the calendar!
    By double-clicking you copy the time to the clipboard and others cannot reserve that time. If so happens, empty the clipboard by clicking the clipboard icon in the right upper corner.
  • If you have any troubles with the system, please ask help from the customer service, or send an email to kirjasto-keskusta (at), or call 09 191 23920.

The Learning Centre Aleksandria’s group work rooms are reserved onwards via IT-centre’s online booking system