Laptops allowed in the quiet reading room on the 2nd floor of the Kaisa House

From Thursday, June 13, 2019 it is allowed to use laptops in the Main Library’s quiet reading room (no. 2011) on the 2nd floor of the Kaisa House. The smaller reading space (no. 2015) on the 2nd floor is still reserved for work without laptops.

Library’s silent spaces are coded with red signs. Be considerate and let the other visitors work in peace. Keep all your devices completely on mute, work quietly.
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From June 2019 onwards it is allowed to use laptops in the quiet reading room (no. 2011).
Smaller reading room (no. 2015) is still a laptop free zone.
Smaller quiet reading room (2015) can accommodate up to six people. It is located on the 2nd floor behind the lifts. The lights can be turned on by a light switch outside the room.









Campaigning for peace and quiet: Library is for everyone

Quiet reading space is especially appreciated in the middle of the lively capital. We get a lot of feedback from the students, especially in the spring, that the library doesn’t provide enough reading and study space for all.

In the April 2017 survey, 74% of the library visitors were students, researchers and staff of the University of Helsinki. Approximately 6% of the visitors were readers studying for matriculation examination or admission tests.

In the Nordic libraries, availability has always been important. Availability concerns both access to information and the use of premises. It is also important to us: Although the Helsinki University Library primarily serves University of Helsinki students, researchers and stuff, it welcomes all customers.

Be one of the best!

It is important for the University of Helsinki that high school students can experience the university and its facilities and become acquainted with the university as a learning environment even before they have chosen their field of study. It is therefore important for the university that even students who are not already in the university feel welcome in all the open spaces of the university such as the library or lectures.