New Asian studies resources on trial in AsiaPortal

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You can examine new Asian studies resources during the autumn 2018.

South Asia Archive is interdisciplinary and provides cultural and historical material from across the Indian sub-continent, covering the period mid-18th to mid-20th century. On trial until December 31st.

ChinaMaxx is a collection of e-books connected to the same platform as the search engine Duxiu. Here you can find 700 000  Chinese titles focusing on social sciences and humanities. On trial until October 31st.

E-books from ISEAS – Yosuf Ishak Institute. ISEAS Publishing is the largest publisher of academic books that focuses on Southeast Asian politics, economics and social issues. This collection of ISEAS e-books covers a selection of 594 titles from 1980 – 2017. On trial until October 31st.

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