On Trial: The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law Online until 18.3

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The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law Online (Chinese-English, French) is available in the University of  Helsinki until 18.3.

The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law (Chinese-English, French), developed by the Ricci Association since 2006, is  the trilingual dictionary on Chinese law. The dictionary includes approximately 24,000 legal terms in Chinese (legal terms per se as well as terms which are often used in a legal context), as well as English and French translations of these terms.

The dictionary includes 20 branches, including Ancient Law, Administrative Law, Admiralty Law, Banking and Financial Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Institutions, Insurance Law, International Private Law, International Public Law, International Trade Law, IP Law, Jurisprudence, Labour Law, Procedure, and Tax Law.

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