On Trial: The Making of Modern Law until 16.5

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The Making of Modern Law is available in the University of Helsinki until 16.5.

We have access to the following modules:

Foreign Primary Sources, 1600-1970, Part I and II

–  Part I and II are digital collections of historical legal codes and similar statutory materials, as well as commentaries on codes from around the world.

Foreign, Comparative and International Law, 1600-1926

– complements the award-winning The Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926. Coverage is primarily from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but there are also several hundred classics in European international law since the seventeenth century.

Also available in Helka database.

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On Trial: Oxford Historical Treaties until 7.12

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Oxford Historical Treaties is  the resource for historical treaty research and home to the full text of The Consolidated Treaty Series (CTS),

the collection of treaties of all nations concluded from 1648 through 1919.

Full text of the individual treaties from within the series are reproduced as pdf:s exactly as they appear in the printed series.

The treaty titles and introductory information are searchable for example by treaty party, citation, and date or date range.

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Trials: American Indian Newspapers and American Indian Histories and Cultures until 3.12

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University of Helsinki has access to American Indian Newspapers and American Indian Histories and Cultures.

American Indian Newspapers presents the publications of a range of communities, with an extensive list of periodicals produced in the United States and Canada, including Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Nevada and Oklahoma, from 1828 to 2016. The newspapers include national periodicals as well as local community news and student publications.

American Indian Histories and Cultures contains 130,000 volumes, over one million manuscript pages, 2,000 maps, 500 atlases, 11,000 photographs, and 3,500 drawings and paintings. The collection covers not only American Indian history, but archaeology, voyages, exploration and accounts of early America, the development of cartography, Philippine and Hawaiian history, and Central and South American history.

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On Trial: Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law until 29.11.2018

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Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law is a

comprehensive online resource containing peer-reviewed

articles on every aspect of public international law.

The encyclopedia is updated throughout the year.

Print-friendly PDFs are available for each article.

Browse all subjects

History of international law

Human rights

International co-operation

International criminal law

International economic law

International environmental law

International humanitarian law

International law and international relations

International organizations

The encyclopedia is available in the University of Helsinki network.

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On Trial: Complete Counseling and Therapy Package until 4.6

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The Complete Counseling and Therapy Package available in the University of Helsinki until 4.6.

The Complete Counseling and Therapy Package features applied training materials that help counseling students, faculty, and practitioners put theory into practice. The resources included in the channel offer more than 2,000 hours of training videos, conference sessions, and footage of actual therapy session and 100,000 pages of transcripts, client narratives, and reference works.

You have access to the following individual collections:

Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume I
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume II 
Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volumes I-V 
Social Work Online 
The Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy
Nursing and Mental Health in Video: A Symptom Media Collection

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On trial: Ogonek Digital Archive from 1 to 30 April

The Ogonek Digital Archive’s 230,000 articles and 440,000 photographs will serve as a virtual timeline tracing the Soviet era into the Great War, the Cold War, perestroika/glasnost, and today.

Amid strife, Ogonek strived for intellectual ideals through lively commentary, criticism, and satire, becoming a forum for Russian cultural thought and political discourse.

The trial is available to Helsinki University students, faculty, staff and the local users in the National Library and Helsinki University Library.

Licenses and conditions of use of electronic materials

Feedback: kk-tietopalvelu[at]helsinki.fi

Access to the resource via the National Library of Finland Search Service



Trial: South Asian Newspapers (1864-1922) until 23.3

Collection provides online access to a select group of South Asian newspapers from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Featuring English-, Gujarati- and Bengali-language papers published in India, in the regions of the Subcontinent that now comprise Pakistan, and in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), South Asian Newspapers offers extensive coverage of the people, issues and events that shaped the Indian Subcontinent between 1864 and 1922.

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Trial: BioCyc Database Collection until 28.12

BioCyc Databases  is available in University of Helsinki until 28.12.

The BioCyc databases are divided into three tiers, based on their quality.

Tier 1 databases have received at least one person-year of literature-based curation, and are the most accurate. EcoCyc and MetaCyc have each received more than 20 person-years of curation.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 databases contain computationally predicted metabolic pathways, predictions as to which genes code for missing enzymes in metabolic pathways, and predicted operons.

Funding Sources

The development of BioCyc is funded by NIH grant GM080746 from the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

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Trial: Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity until 27.5.


Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity: LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940 covers topics including LGBTQ activism and the HIV/AIDS crisis. It provides researchers with the documents necessary to delve deep into the Gay Rights Movement with resources that may otherwise go undiscovered. Repositories for this collection include: Lesbian Herstory Educational Foundation; Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives; Women’s Energy Bank; GLBT Historical Society; National Library of Medicine; among other archives.

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