A Stolen Password in the News

The Helsingin Sanomat daily announced today that it had acquired the username and password of a University of Helsinki network user from a Chinese online store (link in Finnish). The article discusses an isolated username, and the IT Centre is aware of the case. The password associated with the username has been changed and the owner contacted.

Phishing scams to gather passwords happen constantly, and are aimed at all service providers. Unfortunately, usernames and passwords often wind up in the wrong hands and are used for criminal purposes. The IT Centre constantly monitors inappropriate use of usernames, and intervenes in any suspicious activity.

We would like to remind everyone that usernames and passwords should never be given to others, and usernames acquired from third parties should never be used, even to test them.

If you suspect that your username has wound up in the wrong hands, change your password and contact the Helpdesk.

Instructions for changing your password

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