About us

The purpose of the Luther-Agricola Society is primarily to support research which is concentrated on the Reformation and the theological and ecclesiastical heritage of the Reformation. However, we also publish research outside of this field.

We have basically two series. In the series Schriften der Luther-Agricola-Gesellschaft, we publish research literature in German and English. Our other series, Studia missiologica et oecumenica Fennica, focuses on research literature in the fields of missiology and ecumenical theology written mainly in Finnish and English.

The annual meeting of the Luther-Agricola Society is usually in April. At this meeting, the members of the executive board are elected. The members of the society also go through the annual report, the budget and the publications for the following year.

The membership fee is annually 35 euros, or 17 euros for students. Members who have paid their fee receive one of our recently published books annually. For more information about membership, contact the secretary.