THE CALL FOR PAPERS FOR 2018 CONFERENCE IS CLOSED ! The Conference Committee thanks for the huge number of proposals sent by the deadline (Oct. 15, 2017) !

The 17th Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference in North American Studies, May 16-18, 2018, University of Helsinki, Finland


Drawing from the founding documents of the United States and Canada, phrases such as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and “peace, order, and good government” have been used to express the ideologies of the two countries. Recent political developments in both countries have received global attention, and the project of understanding North America is now as critical as ever—if not more so. The ideas, ideals and ideologies that shape the two countries—and through them, the world beyond—have particular cultural and historical dimensions. North America has been defined by political and legal practices, minority identity politics, and everyday life, as well as by literature, popular culture, and media.

For decades, the Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference for North American Studies has been a vibrant venue for exploring and explaining the phenomenon that is North America, including the study of North America itself. In the spirit of inclusiveness and multi- and interdisciplinary research, we invite presentations from a wide range of research traditions, and from a variety of political and ideological backgrounds.

Possible approaches include, but are not limited to:

– Comparative, international, and transnational North American Studies
– The study of North America
– Politics and the political culture of the United States and Canada
– The economics and the economy of the United States and Canada
– The people and peoples of and in North America
– Race, ethnicity, gender, and sex: representations and ideologies
– Regional ideals and ideologies
– Border studies
– Environmental ideologies
– The relationships of humans and non-humans
– Legal aspects of identification, sovereignty, and state/provincial rights
– Ideologies in media, including digital media

Please submit your proposal (max. 300 words) for a 20-minute presentation, a short bio and contact information as a Word document to by October 15, 2017. We accept individual papers and panel proposals for three papers. We do not accept roundtable proposals. For more information about the conference, please visit our website If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact: