Note on the length of papers: We traditionally reserve exactly 20 minutes for the presentation + 10 minutes for questions  for each speaker, including all panelists as well as those few giving a co-paper with a colleague. Please make sure that your paper does not exceed the given length. Most 20-minute papers are less than 2,500 words long.

Technical issues: All our conference rooms have a web connection. We recommend that speakers use USB flash memory drives. The University of Helsinki uses a Windows PC system. We kindly ask Mac users to bring their own adapter cables.

Practical: Please do not forget to bring your power point presentations with you (e.g. regular USB sticks and Mac users’ special devices). Given the number of papers and our strict timetable, it is important that every speaker arrives at the assigned conference room at least 15 minutes before his/her own session to set up the devices with the help of our personnel and the session chair. If you think there might be any problems with your devices, send your power point presentation in advance to Ari Helo at ari.helo[at]helsinki.fi. If you have any special requests concerning your presentation please let Ari know.