Call for Papers


[Abstract call closed on 15 Oct 2015, thanks a lot for the broad range of papers received! Papers based on the abstracts to be sent by 30 Nov as below.]

Doctoral students are hereby invited to present papers in the parallel doctoral seminars of the conference (9 Jan 2016). These presentations do not need to be about the theme of the conference. The idea is rather to provide doctoral students from the Nordic countries, and indeed from any country around the world, with an opportunity to present the key ideas of their own research project, or its parts, and to discuss them in a seminar with Nordic scholars.

Please send your abstracts to Heta Hurskainen ( by 15 Oct 2015. The abstracts should include your name, the title of your presentation (either the same as your whole project or a more specific one), the names of your home institution and supervisor(s), and the abstract itself (150-300 words).

No referee procedure is applied, but the planning committee will need the abstracts in order to design the sessions so that they will be as beneficial to the participants as possible. The papers themselves should be no more than 3000-4500 words (max. about 8 pages) long and to be sent to Hurskainen ( by 30 Nov 2015 (as one file in pdf or word format). They should begin with the aforementioned abstract (perhaps updated) and a short description of the current stage of the project.