Nordic societies have often been depicted as rather homogeneous entities shaped by Lutheran religious and cultural inheritance. Even if there has been some truth to this claim since the times of Reformation, today’s Nordic societies are highly pluralistic. In addition to secular ideologies of various kinds, a wide array of Christian denominations and world religions alike have become part of the Nordic socio-cultural landscape.

The key themes of this conference are:

  • God and secularism
  • Christ and ecumenism
  • Reformation
  • Service and advocacy

Each of these key themes will be explored with particular attention to ecumenical and interreligious encounters in today’s rapidly changing societal circumstances.


The questions addressed by the speakers centrally include:

  • How is ‘God’ and secularism being understood anew in the twenty-first century Northern Europe?
  • What kinds of Christologies are, or should be, truly relevant in contemporary ecumenical and interreligious encounters in the Nordic countries and also around the world?
  • How to recognize and reinterpret the heritage of reformation in late-Modern societies with their emerging forms of spirituality and interfaith dialogue?
  • What types of service and advocacy could be both appropriate and inspiring in interfaith contexts in today’s Nordic societies and beyond?

We warmly invite all participants to take part in the discussion of these issues in the conference.