Errata… sorry :)

Apologies, we are humans and make mistakes. Here is a list of errata identified in our papers (unfortunately most of them have been identified too late to inform the respective journals).

If you find any additional errors in our papers please let us know!. We appreciate knowing that someone is carefully reading our papers!

1) Porcar-Castell et al. 2014, Journal of Experimental Botany, doi: 10.1093/jxb/erv412

This one was picked in time for a Corrigendum. Unfortunately, not well in time to avoid being pointed as example of bad use of nomenclature in a Opinion paper in Plant, Cell and Environment ( We know the meaning of gross photosynthesis and GPP but, as the authors correctly point out in that opinion, these two terms sound too similar to each other. The result is that after typing “Net photosynthesis, NPP”, I automatically wrote “Gross photosynthesis, GPP” instead of “Gross Primary Production, GPP” or “GPP” alone, mea culpa (Albert). Fortunately this error was in the figure and the definitions were correct in the text and equations. So here the corrigendum:

2) Porcar-Castell 2011, Physiologia Plantarum,…

A couple of equations… (Comming soon)

3) Porcar-Castell et al. 2008, Tree Physiology

One equation (Comming soon)


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