LAB MEMBERS (Alphabetical order):

Dr. Jon Atherton (Remote Sensing, Postdoctoral Researcher) 

I completed my PhD in Remote Sensing of the Carbon Cycle at the University of Edinburgh in February 2012. During my PhD I developed a coupled physiological-radiative transfer model capable of simulating changes in leaf apparent reflectance due to chlorophyll fluorescence. My research interests are: i. Passive remote sensing of vegetation ii. Modelling – vegetation dynamics and remote sensing signals iii. Field & lab spectroscopy iv. Remote sensing of wildfires.

Email: name.surname@helsinki.fi        Phone:


MSc. Jaakko Oivukkamäki (Leaf optics, PhD student)

In my PhD thesis, I focus on improving ways of measuring plant physiological processes through optical means. More specifically the aim is to create a new low-cost sensor for fluorescence imaging and to link the leaf level measurements to canopy level measurements done with drones.


Email: name.surname@helsinki.fi

Porcar_SmallAssoc Prof. (Joan) Albert Porcar-Castell (Ecophysiology, Optical Methods, Principal Investigator)

I obtained a BSc. degree in Forest Industry Engineering at the University of Lleida (1998), and a MSc (2002) and PhD (2008) in Forest Ecology at the University of Helsinki. I am an Academy Research fellow and Associate Professor (tenure track) in remote sensing of biosphere dynamics. I am interested in exploring new optical and remote sensing tools to study plant ecophysiological processes and their interaction with the environment, from the molecular level to the canopy level and beyond.

Email: joan.porcar, at helsinki.fi        Phone:

Rajewicz PaulinaMSc. Paulina Rajewicz ( Leaf optics, PhD Student)

I completed my MSc in Environmental Protection in 2016 at the Meteorology Department of Pozan University of Life Sciences (Poland). In my PhD I study the variation in leaf optical properties (absorption, fluorescence and reflectance spectra) across species, light gradients and in response to multiple sources of stress.



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Dr. Chao Zhang (Remote Sensing)

I did my PhD in terrestrial ecology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona from 2013-2017. My research interests are remotely-sensing optical signals (e.g. heat dissipation and chlorophyll fluorescence) and biogenic volatile organic compounds of plants, and their connections with carbon assimilation.


Email: name.x.surname at helsinki.fi

Visiting scientists:

Dr. Shari Van Wittenberghe (University of Valencia)


MSc. Shan Xu (Visiting student, Beijing Normal University)

I am a PhD student at the Beijing Normal University, China. My research interests are using SIF and PRI to dynamic track plant health under water stress at canopy scale.




Former lab members:

Dr. Anu Riikonen

I worked with stakeholder communications, coordination and field measurement campaigns in the project “Tracking large scale vegetation physiology: pilot study“. My area of expertise is urban tree ecophysiology and urban ecosystems.




Email: name.surname@helsinki.fi         Phone: +358 50 3175 325

Dr. Linda Kooijmans (Visiting our Lab: August – November 2018)

Linda Kooijmans is a postdoctoral researcher working at the Meteorology and Air Quality group of Wageningen University, The Netherlands. In her PhD research she did measurements of carbonyl sulfide (COS) in Hyytiälä. COS is a gas that can be used as a tracer of photosynthesis. Linda is visiting the micrometeorology and “optics of photosynthesis” groups in Helsinki from August until November 2018 to analyze measurements of both COS and fluorescence to learn more about photosynthesis.

Email: name.surname@wur.nl

MSc. Weiwei Liu (Visiting our Lab: February 2017 – March 2018)

I am a PhD student at the University of Chinese Academy of Science (Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research). My current research focuses on how forest canopy and shoot structure affect the sun-induced chorophyll fluorescence.


Email: name.surname@helsinki.fi         Phone: 0469699033

BenDr. Beñat Olascoaga

My background is on plant physiology and light, and my research has been focused on characterising temporal dynamics in biochemical and biophysical mechanisms in leaves of boreal trees that uncouple remotely sensed data from photosynthetic gas exchange.


Email: name.b.surname@jyu.fi         Phone:



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