We are happy to introduce you the studying social democracy of The Student Union of the University of Helsinki! The Social Democratic Students organisation OSY is a political organisation operating in the university of Helsinki and the Helsinki area, which acts locally at the university and on a national level in student politics as the biggest local organisation of the Social Democratic Students in Finland SONK. The values of OSY belong to the biggest political movement, International Social Democracy. We share the values of freedom, equality and solidarity. OSY also values internationality and taking everybody into account in our organisation. In addition to working as part of SONK, OSY also operates independently at the university. The events we have organised this year have included excursions to ministries and other organisations, sauna get-togethers and other parties and discussion events during the European Parliament elections. Information about OSY’s events is primarily announced on the organisations facebook page and mailing list. Tuulia Pitkänen is the chair of OSY in 2014 (tuulia.pitkanen(at), tel. 041 501 3092

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