Fund collections

In accordance with fund collection permit license RA/2020/1375, all funds collected on this account are used for the organization of and the commission of a portrait honouring the ‘invisible professionals of law’ at Porthania to be donated to the Faculty of Law.

P669 gallery, professors Johannes Tapio Tarjanne, Kai Kalima and Timo Tapio Konstari, artists: Erkki Kulovesi and Klaus Kalima

The first round of fundraising has been concluded. Thank you to all contributors. A second round of fundraising will commence in the early summer.

The collection is organised by a portrait committee, consisting of members of the Faculty of Law representing different generations, genders and nationalities. The committee is chaired by docent of international law Immi Tallgren. Committee members are Professor of Transnational European Law Päivi Leino-Sandberg, Professor of International Law Martti Koskenniemi, doctoral student Parvathi Menon, curator Mariliis Rebane, Pykälä ry student representative Riina Rönkkö and committee secretary project planner Anna van der Velde.