Do you remember her?

Many current teachers and researchers at the Helsinki University Faculty of Law worked closely with or otherwise remember the legal professionals listed below. Was any of them your teacher? Or were you colleagues? To our newest generation: have you heard of them, would you like to know about their life and work?

In the ‘Portraits of Invisible Legal Professionals’ blog, we remember our friends, colleague, and teachers. They have been divided into two lists:

    1. Teaching and research staff from the faculty, including doctoral students involved in teaching
    2. Lawyers who have had an impact on Finnish society or internationally and who undertook doctoral research at the faculty.

One can of course belong to both lists, though should not be mentioned in both.

The timescales indicated are guidelines only and refer to the total time served e.g. first as a senior assistant and later as a professor. This blog is not exclusive to descriptions, rather the aim of this project is to remember staff members holistically as members of the community while taking into account their professional contributions and experiences. Many have taught, supervised dissertations, contributed to research, marked exam papers, helped in translation services, and assisted in many other ways in the day-to-day functioning of the faculty and university without recognition. They have had a significant impact on the university as members of our community. To this end, Sara Kalm has written about the gendered nature of academia, especially on its administrative side.

List 1 is reserved for members of staff who have already retired from work life or from academia, not current staff members. List 2 is as of yet incomplete and will be expanded. Both lists are to be frequently updated, so please do make suggests on who should be included and inform us with corrections if you see something missing or erroneous.

Examples of source material include: Urpo Kangas, Oikeustiede Suomessa 1900-2000 (WSOY, 1998); Leena Ellonen (ed.), Suomen professorit 1640-2007 (Professoriliitto, 2008), Lakimiesmatrikkeli; Helsingin yliopiston Arkki 1640; Helsinki University Tuhat database; Kuka kukin on -series;, Lakimiesliiton, Lakimiesyhdistyksen ja Naisjuristit ry:n materials; Heikki Pihlajamäki (ed.), Näkökulmia korkeimman oikeuden historiaan 1918-2018 (Edita, 2018); Mia Korpiola, Ystäviä, politiikkaa ja oikeustieteen opintoja: Pykälä ry 1935-2010 (Edita, 2010); Mia Korpiola’s articles on the first female jurists and judges of the highest court of Finland (see

The creation of a third list, of e.g. judges, is possible if we find enough contributors. All expertise and assistance is welcome!

Teachers and researchers at the Helsinki University Faculty of law

Inkeri Anttila (1961-1979, criminal law)

Pirkko-Liisa Aro (later Haarmann) (1971-1983, civil law, trade law)

Ritva Buure-Hägglund (1989-1996, international private law)

Ruth Donner (international law)

Suvianna Hakalehto (children’s rights)

Lenita Häggblom (procedural law)

Mia Korpiola (legal history)

Pirkko K. Koskinen (1975-1982, labour law)

Kirsti Kurki-Suonio (family law)

Irma Lager (1974-1992, procedural law)

Johanna Niemi (procedural law, law and gender research)

Kevät Nousiainen (1997-2009, gender law)

Anja Nummijärvi (labour law)

Kirsti Rissanen (1987-2009, trade law)

Lena Sisula-Tulokas (1998-, civil law)

Outi Suviranta (2008-2012, administrative law)

Terttu Utriainen (criminal law)

Marjo Ylhäinen (labour law)

Well-known lawyers (Finland and internationally), who have completed their studies or PhD in the Faculty (examples)

Tuija Brax

Olga Bremer (first permanent lower court judge, Jyväskylä RO, around 1951)

Tarja Halonen

Anna-Maja Henriksson

Päivi Hirvelä

Anneli Jäätteenmäki

Seija Karkinen

Lemmikki Kekomäki (Highest Administrative Court of Finland)

Pauliine Koskelo

Marja Lehto

Agnes Lundell (see. Mia Korpiola, ’Agnes Lundellin rohkea erivapaustaistelu’, in Kaikenlaista rohkeutta (Helsinki, 2019)

Riitta-Leena Paunio

Hannele Pokka

Marjatta Rasi

Helvi Sipilä

Maarit Saarni-Rytkolä (Supreme Court of Finland)

Kaarina Suonio

Elisabeth Tigerstedt-Tähtelä

Astrid Thors

Anja Tulenheimo-Takki