Anna Rotkirch

Welcome to my website! I study population ageing, families, fertility and social relations and engage in science popularisation and the development of population policies. I aim to integrate social and biological approaches to the study of human behaviour.

As a Research Professor & Director
Population Research Institute,  Väestöliitto I promote sustainable population development.

My demographic report for the government presented guidelines for Finnish population policies in the 2020s.

Current research projects are listed below (see publications on their own page, and academia.edu and Research Gate).

These topics all currently reshape social life in ageing societies. For instance, since people are having fewer children and living longer the role of siblings and cousins will change, while the importance of grandparents and friends is growing.

I am also involved as PI or co-PI with several large Finnish data collections, including Generational Transmissions in Finland longitudinal surveys, SHARE Finland survey (part of SHARE-ERIC), Generations and Gender survey Finland (part of the Generations and Gender Programme).

I value science popularisation and regularly lecture for lay audiences and write newspaper columns (eg. here).
Our research on why Masks4all helps during the pandemic: De Kai, Morgunov, A., Goldstein, G-P., Nanglia, V. & Rotkirch, A. (2020, preprint research gate) Universal Masking is Urgent in the COVID-19 Pandemic: SEIR and Agent Based Models, Empirical Validation, Policy Recommendations