Russian Media Lab at ASEEES, 9-12 November, Chicago

The Russian Media Lab will be at ASEEES from 9-12 November in Chicago. The latest version of the programme can be consulted on the Conference website.

Saara Ratilainen – Round table “New Forms in Digital Storytelling”

New Forms in Digital Storytelling explores the latest tendencies in computer-mediated storytelling that include cross-platform projects, narrative VR, multi-POV, collaborative platforms, and various forms of immersive/ interactive storytelling. Among the topics discussed are mechanisms of creating a version of Belarusian “non-Soviet” history on the internet, the use of digital communication technologies in travelers’ online community, the emergence of native Russian VR projects, as well as new tendencies in digital collaborative filmmaking.

Freek van der Vet – “‘When They Come for You’: Legal Mobilization as the Last Defense in Russia’s Surveillance State”

This paper is part of the panel “Coping with Repressive Laws: Russian NGOs’ Response to the Law on Foreign Agents”

Drawing from interviews and reports, this paper examines how Russian lawyers mobilize the law when authorities use laws and surveillance as tools of repression. How do lawyers litigate at domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of victims of a political backlash: Russians accused of high treason, NGOs prosecuted under the “foreign agent law”, and victims of telephone tapping? The paper finds that lawyers help organizations to evade the effects of the foreign agent law, reveal information to the media about secret treason trials, and advise NGOs on when to engage into litigation.

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