Olga Dovbysh will participate at public event “How is Europe Changing by Informational Technologies?” organized by the German-Russian Exchange in St. Petersburg

On 29 September, Russian Media Lab researcher Olga Dovbysh will participate as a speaker in open podium discussion “How Is European Media Changing: traditional and social media, post-truth and fake news, virtual public sphere, new transparency and right for information” at the public event The Fall Meetings “How is Europe Changing by Informational Technologies?”

The Fall Meetings – 2018 is the second annual public event of the German-Russian Exchange in St. Petersburg dedicated to the current European problems, similar to the regular public Fall Conversations in Berlin, organized by the German-Russian Exchange since the recent 20 years (https://www.austausch.org/herbstgespraeche.html).

Since the first Fall Meeting in St. Petersburg September 2017 was very successful and got a lot of attention and interest by young people, experts and broader audience in St. Petersburg, it was decided to continue the series of the Fall Meetings with the new focus.

The general idea is to reflect on current challenges and changes, which are observed in contemporary Europe with the aim to respond to the visible need and interest of the Russian public to understand better, what is going on now and which fundamental changes take place nowadays. There is a lot of negative information and news about the European developments, elections and referenda results and their interpretations. Moreover, the understanding that we live now in the times of “post-truth” is quite widespread in the Russian audience, the available information is simplified and mostly concentrated on the concrete events and processes. Some deeper explanations can be found in the academic theoretical discussions, but they are often not easily understandable. Therefore, the discussion with European experts, who can deeply, but understandably reflect on the nature and consequences of the current changes, can be interesting for many people in Russia. Through the discussion of broader European agenda, people can widen their horizons and better define their own agenda.

For the year 2018, the focus of discussions especially lies on the changes in the social and political life in Europe, which are caused by the informational technologies and have a long-term significance. 

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