Russian Media Lab will organize a panel at the BASEES (British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies) Annual Conference in Cambridge. The panel will take place on Saturday 13th 11.00–12.30, in room Games. See the conference’s full program here.

4.9 Audience Engagement and Participatory Practices in Russian Media

Chair: Dinara Tokbaeva (Jönköping University)

Papers: Mariëlle Wijermars (University of Helsinki)
Interactivity and Emotional Persuasion in Russian State Television

Olga Dovbysh (University of Helsinki)
Who benefits from user participation in local media in Russia’s towns?

Kamilla Nigmatullina, Svetlana Bodrunova (Saint Petersburg State University)
Understandings of journalistic professionalism in hyperlocal Russian news outlets

Discussant: Kiria Ilya (National Research University – Higher School of Economics)

Also, BASEES Study Group (Digital) Media and Cultures (DMC) in collaboration
with the Russian Media Lab co-organize a meeting for those interested in digital media and culture.

Friday 12th April between 8-9 pm, in the Umney Lounge, we will hold a meeting for those
interested in digital media and culture. This will be an opportunity to meet colleagues working
in the field and discuss potential publications and funding applications. The meeting is
supported by BASEES study group in digital media and culture, the Russian Media Lab and
Digital Russia Studies of the Aleksanteri Institute (University of Helsinki), and the journal
‘Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media (’. Drinks
will be provided.

The meeting is organised by Galina Miazhevich (Cardiff), Vlad Strukov (Leeds) and Marielle
Wijermars (Helsinki) ”

Welcome to the panel and the meeting!

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