RJEX project update: Researchers took part in the workshop on incarceration and immobility in the Nordic countries

Helsinborg, Sweden. Photo by E.Rodina

On 30-31 May, 2023, Elena Rodina and Olga Dovbysh took part in the workshop “Reimagining Incarceration and Immobility in the Nordic Countries” in Helsingborg, Sweden (the workshop was funded by the ReNEW research hub, NordForsk). Dr Rodina presented a paper «Russian exiled journalists in Nordic countries: modes of isolation and immobility», that focused on the interdisciplinarity of theoretical approach to examining today’s exiled journalistic communities. Dr Dovbysh presented the «Russian independent journalism in exile: in search of relevance and resilience» and discussed the project’s current outline, hypothesis, and plans for the upcoming research period. Other participants included Anastasia Burakova, founder of the «Ark» project, Dr Daria Krivonos (Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives, University of Helsinki), Dr Sherzod Eraliev (Sociology of Law Department, Lund University) and others. The organisation and facilitation of the workshop were led by Dr Larisa Kangaspuro from the Center for Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki. The discussion that ensued uncovered the interesting overlap between migration, migrant labor and precarity, and journalism studies when it comes to research on contemporary media in exile.

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