Monthly Archives: May 2019

Russian Media Lab at ICA conference

Russian Media Lab researcher Marielle Wijermars will be presenting her research on news aggregators and the perception of algorithms in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine at the International Communication Association conference in Washington (24-28 May).

‘News recommendation and source diversity on Russian news aggregators: Google News as the better alternative?’ M. Wijermars, C. Puschmann & J. Zeng

‘Can echo chambers protect information freedom? Algorithmic news recommenders and the public sphere in Eastern Europe’ M. Makhortykh & M. Wijermars

Saara Ratilainen to co-organize a Master Class Course on gender and media at Tampere University

Russian Media Lab researcher Saara Ratilainen will co-organize Master Class Course: Gender, Media, Leadership: Women in Chinese and Russian Media at Tampere University in Autumn 2019.

The course is aimed at those who are interested in the representation of gender in Chinese and Russian media and the status of women in these cultural industries. Participants will know more about media activism related to gender issues in Russia and China. They will learn from the experiences and expertise of acclaimed media professionals and scholars of gender and Russian and Chinese media.

For more information and the enrollment instructions,
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