Marta Maroni

MartaMarta Maroni is a doctoral candidate in the field of Constitutional law, Faculty of Law. She holds a Master´s degree in International Relations (University of Perugia, Italy). She has previously worked as legislative assistant at the Italian Senate for four years, where she collaborated with the Standing Committee on European Union Policies and the Special Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights. During her work as a legislative assistant, she drafted bills and carried out extensive research in various areas such as the right to Internet access, the establishment of minimum wage in Italy and the rights of migrants and minorities. Her doctoral research analyses Internet access, fundamental rights and democracy through the lens of law and politics.


Eliška Pírková

_IGP3738-EditEliška Pírková obtained her LL.M. degree at the European Law department, Faculty of Law, University of Groningen. She also graduated from the advanced European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation. Besides being a doctoral candidate at the University of Helsinki, she is a member of the international research project Law and the Other in Post-Multicultural Europe. She had opportunity to work for both, NGOs and international organizations focusing on human rights protection and the rule of law. In 2013 she took part in the research team that drafted a comparative study on the assistance for the victims of human trafficking in Europe for the Ministry of the Interior, Finland. The main research issues that Eliška tackles in her doctoral thesis are freedom of expression in the context of cyberspace, racial hate speech online and protection of minorities. Her research interests include human rights, international public and European law.



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