About the Course

Doctoral training course in human rights and constitutional law

The Course aims to offer a forum for discussing a variety of important issues within the current human right and constitutional law discourse, including Internet governance, European Court of Human Rights jurisdiction, surveillance and protection of privacy, and various fundamental freedoms laid down within the national and international legal instruments.

The format of the Course is built on informal and open-minded group discussions of papers presented by doctoral candidates. In  addition, the scholarly program includes lectures by senior scholars.

The Doctoral Training Course is open to doctoral students and researchers with a keen interest in the topics related to the field of human rights and constitutional law. During these two days, participants will have an opportunity to engage in lectures and discussions led by the senior scholars.

You can find the Training Course program here: Training Course Program

Registration to the training course is now closed. If you wish to be informed about future events and activities of the Working Group in Human Rights and Constitutional Law, please consult our official website.

The Course is free of charge and includes lunch & coffee/tea breaks, reception and official seminar dinner. The Course organizers are able to cover or reimburse the active participants’ travel and accommodation expenses to the large extent. However the final decision will be based upon individual assessment of each participant’s funding situation.

All lectures will be held in english.



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