Alessandra Valastro

pagina-personaleAlessandra Valastro is a professor of Public Law and  Participatory Democracy  at the Department of Political Science, University of Perugia. She is director of the centre of research in participatory policy making, at the legal and political research unit of the Umbria Region. She collaborates with various public agencies in the field of e-democracy and participatory policy making, including Formez, Centre for Services, Assistance, Studies and Training for the Modernisation of the PA (Presidency of the Council of Ministers). She also collaborates with the Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques. Previously, Alessandra collaborated with  the Legislative Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Alessandra has participated in several academic projects and has vastly published on the quality of the regulation, participatory democracy, inclusion and fundamental rights. She is also the co-author  of the Information and Communication law textbook.

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