Research team

Project leader: Lili- Ann Wolff, lili-ann.wolff[a]
Research assistant Emma Heikkilä, emma.heikkila[a]

Martina Aaltonen, martina.altonen[a]
Kirsi Aarbakke kirsi.aarbakke[a]
Hannah Kaihovirta hannah.kaihovirta[a]
Pia Mikander pia.mikander[a]
Marjo Savijärvi marjo.savijarvi[a]
Birgit Schaffar-Kronqvist birgit.schaffar[a]
Anna Slotte anna.slotte[a]
Marianna Vivitsou marianna.vivitsou[a]
Kirsi Wallinheimo kirsi wallinheimo[a]

The SveaSus research team members are included in the research group Diversity, Multilingualism and Social Justice at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.