About us

The SYLFF Association of the University of Helsinki is dedicated to the following objectives:

  • Networking of the Sylff grant recipients from the Helsinki University
  • Communication with the Sylff fellows from other Sylff institutions
  • Arranging workshops and conferences among the fellows
  • Facilitating discussions and publications among the fellows

SYLFF workshops and conferences have resulted in the following edited volumes:

  • Kajanus, Anni and Maylin Meincke (eds) (2012) “Perspectives on Difference: Makings and Workings of Power” Renvall Institute Publications 30: Helsinki.
  • Vientie, Tuija and Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen (eds) (2009) “Local and Global Encounters: Norms, Identities and Representations in Formation” Renvall Institute Publications 25: Helsinki.
  • Katsui, Hisayo and Richard G. Wambui (eds) (2006) “Civil Society Reconsidered: A Critical Look at NGOs in Development Practice” Helsinki Institute of Development Studies: Helsinki.

To co-ordinate and organise its activities, the Association appoints a chairperson and board members. The current board consists of Heikki Wilenius (chairperson, board member since 2015), Saana Svard (since 2014), Sonja Trifuljesko (since 2015), and Tuomas Tammisto (since 2016).