Reflections over the field course

What’s left to say about this extraordinary field course? When I arrived at my apartment in Helsinki, the first thing I enjoyed was a glass of crystal clear water straight from the tap. I almost got drunk on water. After I almost drained Lake Päijänne I took a shower and tried to get rid of the dust layer that had covered my body for two weeks. Then came the food. I enjoyed the food at the research station, but I’m also happy going back to my meat-free diet.

While I’m chewing on my lettuce I miss the happy faces in the kitchen at the research station. Two days I had to stay at the research station and try to convince my stomach that I’m attempting to survive Africa and during those days, we (the sick people) were taken care of by the lovely staff. I cannot thank them enough for making our stay magnificent.

Thinking back to everything we did during the field course, a few things pop up in my mind. The first trip to Ngangao rain forest was super cool. For forest people like the Finns, I think many of us will remember that gigantic 50-metre high tree, or the view from the (almost) top of the mountain.

A nice size tree in a forest. Picture taken by Marisofia Nurmi.

Another thing I’ve been remembering is the football match we had against a local football team. It was fun playing, especially in the swamp part of the football field. During the second half it started raining. Quite a lot. Like a lot a lot. That just intensified the game and before we knew it the game was over and the result was a friendly tie.

Team before the rain started. Photo taken by Julia Viertola.

All in all our trip was one to remember. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was really nice getting to know people that study different fields of geography and also making friends that have started studying way before and after you have. It was unique to get to know the professors, university staff and research station staff. There is a need for a big thank you to all of the before mentioned people (and trees) for making our trip truly outstanding. Thanks.

Blog post writer Emil saying hello to his little friend. Photo taken by Marisofia Nurmi. Puppy taken by Emil.

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