You can open the presentations through the link that is in the text under the image, not through the image itself.


In this brief video I debate corporate power with Juhana Aunesluoma (in English, 2013).


I gave this presentation on colonialism and capitalism at the Left Forum, organized at Pace University in New York in 2011. My part starts at around 1:50.

In this event, I commented on Susan George who gave a wonderful talk on the rise of corporate power (in English, 2013).

This a presentation on liberalism and capitalism that I did for the Pressiklubi TV program in Finland in 2016.

This was an interview in Spanish, made in Tunis during the World Social Forum 2013, on what Europe could learn from the south.

This video, in Finnish, was on corporate social responsibility. If I look a bit pale, I had just been recovering at home from a sports accident.

An interview in Finnish about using Twitter in research and more general issues for a research interacting with society.

This video is from the presentation of my book on corporate social responsibility. In Finnish.

This is a rather long recording of a debate I had with professor Paul Lillrank about capitalism and the poor at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.

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