non-fiction : tips from the trip

Queueing for culture @ Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum

Non-fiction is an Amsterdam based group of cultural innovators. We wanted to hear more about their work with heritage repurposing, crowdfunding and public media strategies. As folklorists, we are experts in stories, communication and locality. On this trip, we’ve been working on how to turn our passion and ideas into practise.

Meeting at non-fiction

Here are some tips from nf’s Juha on how to carry out your projects, when the future seems iffy.

-Values. Values are concepts. They give our idea a sense of worth. They’ll give you a sense of direction and show what is most important in your work.

-Meaning. Why am I doing this? Ask yourself :what problem will this solve and how?

-Don’t give up. Keep your goals clear and let them come from your heart. Passionate people find motivation and are not afraid of failing.

Bubbling under:

Personal contacs! Talk to people. Although, without a doubt connecting with people online is utterly important. Arranging dinners and chats over coffee can easily fill your day, but personal contacts are the thing. Make sure you have a network of people with you.

As an entrepeneur, keeping these four things mind will get you far !

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