Navigating to the future

Our first day in Copenhagen we spent by Future Navigator, who “speak about, do projects, host debates, write articles and books, and design workshops, games, and other interactive tools in order to bring out the best in people”. And that was exactly what we had: developing our ideas with different kind of games and workshops.

The place, where the office of Future Navigator is, was really expressive. It is situated in Soho kontorhotel, which was a pretty impressive place. Everything was nicely and versatile designed, which created a truly inspiring place to work. And one should not forget to try its restaurant, which serves really tasting food.

But back to workshops. After a round in Soho and a delicious lunch we continued by thinking which kind of roles we have and trying to guess, what others think about themselves. Pretty basic things, but it was interesting to do it together.

After that we played with Trendcards developed by Future Navigator. We had to think, what consequences different trends have to our business ideas and how we can make use of them. It was interesting to handle our ideas from new perspectives.

Finally we heard an interesting preface about visualized info and applied it to our own ideas. It helped to realize, what our ideas actually are about. After that we headed to our Hostel, but I came back again in the night. The old meat market, where Soho is situated, turns then to a hip party area. The bars and restaurants were pretty nice, but the prices quite high. Worth of a visit anyway!


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