Welcome to the Teachers’ Professional Agency (TPA) -project’s website!

From Student Teacher to Experienced Teacher: Learning an Active Professional Agency is an academic research project (1259489) funded by the Academy of Finland. The overall aim of the study is to examine how teacher learning in terms of professional agency is facilitated and regulated throughout the teachers’ professional careers, from student teacher to experienced teacher.

The study extends previous research on teacher learning: 1) by providing understanding on teacher learning and effects of professional transitions for teacher learning based on a large scale longitudinal empirical design, 2) by introducing an instrument for exploring different ingredients of teacher learning in a variety of contexts, including teacher training and school, 3) by comparing learning patterns of beginning and experienced teachers and different teacher groups and 4) by introducing an integrative concept professional agency for analyzing complexity of teacher learning.

The project is scientifically led by the PI group with members from the cooperating universities of Helsinki, Tampere and Eastern-Finland. The teacher education units of these universities act research sites.