What does the university of the future look like and how can we be part of shaping it?

In 2019 the University of Helsinki joined the Una Europa, an alliance creating under the European Universities Initiative. Together with seven other research universities in Europe, the University of Helsinki is striving to build an interconnected European campus – a common research and innovation ecosystem with joint educational initiatives and effective opportunities for mobility working across borders, cultures, languages and disciplines to the benefit of resilient and sustainable societies.

Initially, Una Europa has five academic five focus: Cultural Heritage, Data Science and AI, European Studies, One Health, and Sustainability.

On this blog you can learn more about Una Europa and how the University of Helsinki is involved in the alliance. You can stay updated on our events, learn about the stories and insights of the people involved in Una Europa at the University and their learnings, and learn how you can benefit from, shape and get involved in Una Europa yourself.

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