Tips on How to Find a part time job

Many people have asked me about finding a part-time job while studying here. Indeed, working helps a student to develop greater independence, and earning his pocket money can teach him how to handle his finances. Furthermore, a part-time job seems to be a reasonable and realistic choice when we should focus more on study and self-improvement as a university student. So I interviewed some students around me who have a part-time here and those who have some knowledge about this. Finally, based on my own personal experience and knowledge from others, I wrote down several tips on finding a part-time job. Questions and comments are welcome 😉

If you want a position within our university, I would recommend:


Ask professors or research group that you are interested in. Many research groups need part-time research worker, sometimes they would publish an advertisement on their webpage, but most of them also welcome an enquiry and self promotion. Professors who have funding for research assistant would also recruit part-time workers. Don’t hesitate to contact them.


This is a traineeship programme opens for international students almost every year by University of Helsinki. In 2019, the application period is from 1 to 24 April and 10 position is needed in different departments of our university. See here for more detail of the programme in 2019 and prepare yourself for the next year’s cycle.


Never leave out our official resources that support our career wellbeing. First check out the website here. Among these, I strongly recommend you keep track of the career service calendar for fresh news and chances. They held workshops, such as Let’s Learn LinkedIn, and provide us with up-to-date information on career and working opportunities.

For jobs outside university, possible ways are:


Ask people around you, such as your friends or classmates, who has a part-time or full-time job to see if they can recommend such a position for you. At least they would have some useful information and the experience may be of help.


There are some facebooks group based in Helsinki or Finland, on the topic of part-time job, as well as full-time job and jobs in startup companies. Join such groups and keep an eye on the posts.


Here reads a list of website in Finland for jobs and traineeships, including both full-time and part-time positions. It’s worth noting that our university has our own Rekrynet: Announcements targeted at students and recent graduates of the University of Helsinki. Click on this link for detailed information.

As the first period is near the end, you may have some time to think about your career plan and act on it. Good luck! 

Finding work in Finland!

My name is Alexandra, I graduated from the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law (International Business Law master degree) in May 2017. In this blog post, I want to take you through one of the most exciting journeys I encountered during my master studies, that is, making the first steps in the career!

During almost two years of my master studies (I started in August 2015), I managed to find my first summer job in Finland, working as a legal trainee across two countries and doing pro bono work as a student-lawyer and then as a tutor of Helsinki Law Clinic. As any (international) student, I was drowning in a flow information about job, internship and trainee possibilities from very first days of my studies at the Faculty of Law, during orientation week. Of course, writing about exciting intellectual property protection cases or tax analysis would be too specific, so I decided to come up with some universal advice that sheds some light on employment possibilities for international students that the University of Helsinki helps to achieve. Continue reading “Finding work in Finland!”

Career paths: When Afaque got the ac­cept­ance let­ter, he was over­joyed that he’ll be study­ing where Linux was in­ven­ted.

Name: Afaque Hassan
Study Field: Faculty of Science, Master’s programme in Computer ScienceGraduation year: 2015
Employer and position: Helvar, Software Engineer

From my childhood, I was interested in computers as there were limitless creative possibilities with it. During my teen-age years I encountered Linux, to which I was absolutely hooked. Back then, I already knew that Linux was invented by Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki (UH). During my bachelor’s studies I interned at Nokia, during which time I got to know more about Finland and UH as some of my colleagues were UH graduates. After my bachelor’s studies, I applied to UH for Master’s studies in computer science. When I got the acceptance letter from the university, I was overjoyed that I’ll be studying where Linux was invented. It’s a privilege and dream come true computer science professionals to study at UH. Continue reading “Career paths: When Afaque got the ac­cept­ance let­ter, he was over­joyed that he’ll be study­ing where Linux was in­ven­ted.”

Meet our alumna: “I work in one of the leading ad-tech companies in the world called Kiosked”.

I moved to Finland in August 2010 to study for my master’s degree in Media and Global Communication at the University of Helsinki. Previously, I had completed my bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication at the University of Passau. My bachelor’s degree was less scientific and I enjoyed having a more research based approach to media and communication studies in Helsinki. When our program started, I was positively surprised by our small group size and the extreme dedication with which both our programme coordinator and the thesis advisor took care of us. When I studied in Germany we were over 100 people in the programme and had to fight hard to get a place in interesting courses. Throughout my studies, the master’s programme provided us with a close knit community where everyone supported each other and a perfect learning environment. Not to mention the great facilities such as the library where researching and studying got that special feel.

Continue reading “Meet our alumna: “I work in one of the leading ad-tech companies in the world called Kiosked”.”

Meet our alumna: “It’s rewarding to be working with such a big environmental challenges”.

Hanna-Liisa Kangas was supposed to become an environmental chemist until a doctor forbade her from setting foot in a laboratory. After many twists and turns, Kangas did wind up in an influential position, working with the issues dear to her heart.

“I started studying chemistry at the University of Helsinki because I thought I could use it to save the world. Then I became allergic to the reagents used at the lab, and my doctor told me never to set foot in a laboratory again. He said it would be too dangerous for me,” says Hanna-Liisa Kangas.

Kangas still wanted to study an environmental field, and started to look for interesting disciplines which did not require laboratory work. This meant ecology, forestry sciences and biology had to be dismissed outright.

“Then I discovered environmental economics. And so, through a series of strange coincidences, I wound up studying environmental economics at the Department of Economics and Management,” Kangas explains. Continue reading “Meet our alumna: “It’s rewarding to be working with such a big environmental challenges”.”

Not Getting Lost in Law in Helsinki

Hey! My name is Alexandra, I am a second-year master degree student at International Business Law programme. I run my own Lostinlaw blog ( Today I am going to tell you how not to get “lost in law” actually in Finland. I base my observations on my common sense, a couple of years of experience of working in legal/related field and my experience of being an international student myself.

First, a couple of general advice. You shall remember that it is impossible to know EVERYTHING about the risks you may possibly meet when renting your first apartment in Finland, signing your first work contract in Finland or opening a bank account. But you should always ask yourself following questions:

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Curriculum for Career Spring 2016

What is career planning? How do I market my knowledge and skills? What are the building blocks of a good job application or a CV? How to be successful at a job interview?

Plannin career

The University of Helsinki Career Services offers career skills training during the spring semester 2016 at the Centre Campus. The course consists of four 3-hour training sessions, and individual assignments between classes. The Curriculum for Career -course will be held in the University Main Building (Päärakennus, Fabianinkatu 33), in lecture hall 7 (sali 7).

The sessions are held as follows:
• Tuesday 10.5. at 9-12
• Wednesday 11.5. at 9-12
• Tuesday 17.5. at 9-12
• Wednesday 18.5. at 9-12.

Training sessions are open to all University of Helsinki students. The course language is English, but the course assignments may be handed in in Finnish, English or Swedish. The course can be completed as a 1 or 2 –credit course, depending on the amount of individual assignments. Course assignments will be handed in through Moodle. Please negotiate with your faculty/department about the credits if you plan to include the course in your degree. Career Services cannot register credits.

The course will be organized if a minimum of 20 students enroll. For further information, please contact:

Enrollment latest 6.5.

Meet our Alumna! “I know that any task, any assignment or presentation is possible to do brilliantly – you just need to do your best.”

Anna Yukhtenko
Anna Yukhtenko
Study field:
City Center Campus
Employer and position:
Danone Finland, Category and Field analyst trainee at Danone

Hi Anna! How are you?

Hi! Fine, thanks. Going back home from the gym 🙂

How did you end up in Finland and studying in the programme?

After finishing the Bachelor’s degree, I figured I wanted to study abroad. I have been to Finland many times before, and really liked the country. Knew my way around Helsinki etc. One of my Finnish friends at the time was actually studying and the UH. Then I checked the webpage of the University, found the programme that I liked and applied for it!:) I was studying in the best University in Moscow, and when it was time to choose the place to continue studies, I would settle for no less than the best University in Finland. Continue reading “Meet our Alumna! “I know that any task, any assignment or presentation is possible to do brilliantly – you just need to do your best.””

Want to be an expert in forest sciences and business?


The Master’s degree programme in Forest Sciences and Business (MScFB) aims at educating students to become professionals with versatile skills and expertise applicable to national and international forest sectors. The programme is based on high quality teaching founded in internationally renowned research. The programme is designed to allow the student to gain a broad knowledge base, to specialize in their own field, to think independently and critically, and to develop problem-solving skills

Graduates in Forest Ecology and Management have found employment in the fields of forestry, nature conservation, and environmental science both nationally and internationally. The work can include managing and utilizing detailed information about forest resources, the monitoring of forest carbon balances and biodiversity. Graduates from Forest Economics and Marketing typically find employment as experts in organizations and industry where environmental and economic issues are combined, such as marketing and management, research and consulting, as well as in the public sector at national or international levels. Continue reading “Want to be an expert in forest sciences and business?”

The Interns (part 2)


For the past couple of months, four interns have been working in different units of the University of Helsinki’s Education Services. For Minna, Lyra, Risto and Emmy (all university students themselves), the internship was not only an opportunity to gain relevant work experience, but it also offered a rare look into the infrastructure of the University’s academic administration and the many services it provides to students, teachers and other staff members. In this two-part series, the interns reveal some of the things they’ve learned along the way, the must-dos in Helsinki for locals and exchange students alike and more. Read on to find out what Risto and Emmy have to say about their internship so far.

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