Tips for applying from our Admission Advisers

Are you planning to apply to one of our International Master’s Programmes between 3 December 2019 and 10 January 2020?

Check out a few tips from our admission advisers about applying in order to avoid surprises and getting through the process as smooth as possible.

  • In Finland, applications go through a national online application system called ‘Studyinfo’. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you are redirected through the Studyinfo service website to the correct application form.
  • Each Master’s Programme has its own admission requirements. Ensure you meet them before applying. The programme-specific requirements are at ‘Studyinfo’. You find a direct link to the information on the website of the programme in question.
  • You have to submit educational documents together with your application. Check out the required application enclosures and how to submit them.
      • Please note that academic qualifications awarded in certain countries have special requirements. See if they apply to you by checking the list of countries with special document requirements.
      • Prepare your documents in advance as it may take some time, for example, to have them translated or certified by the correct officials.
      • Follow the instructions carefully as your documents must fulfil all requirements and be submitted correctly. Otherwise, your application can not be considered.
  • All applicants must prove their language skills when applying either with their previous education or a standardised language test.
      • If you still need to take a language test, book it now.
      • Follow the instructions carefully as your documents must fulfil all requirements and be submitted correctly. Otherwise, your application can not be considered.
  • The motivation letter is always included in the online application. If sent separately, it will not be taken into consideration. When writing your text, pay attention to the maximum number of characters which is mentioned in the application form.

  • When applying to an International Master’s Programme, you can at the same time apply for a scholarship on the same application form. There are no separate application forms or application periods for the scholarships. Please also note that the number of scholarships is limited and only intended for excellent students from outside EU/EEA liable to pay tuition fees.
  • The processing of applications and enclosures takes time. By submitting your application immediately when the application period starts, you have a better chance to still react to possible additional queries, for example, submit insufficient documents anew.
  • In Finland, a deadline is a deadline. Make sure to apply before the application period closes on 10 Jan 2020 at 15:00 UTC+2. No late applications are accepted. Also the required enclosures must be provided within the given deadlines.
  • Remember that all the instructions and requirements are in place to protect your rights by ensuring equal and fair treatment of all applicants.

More information about how to apply to the International Master’s Programmes.

If you still have questions after checking the information on the website, you can contact the Admission Services.

Lots of success with your application!


“How to apply to University of Helsinki” FAQs on Facebook: the answers to many of your practical questions!

Image by Ari Aalto / UH

The Admissions Services has gathered extensive “How to apply to University of Helsinki” FAQs on Facebook, for both International Master’s Programmes and Doctoral studies.

The FAQs contain the answers to the most frequently asked practical questions about applying to University of Helsinki, and they are being updated whenever necessary.

Please read them in detail before posting any new questions about how to apply.

Thank you and have a great sunny Tuesday!

Want to be an expert in forest sciences and business?


The Master’s degree programme in Forest Sciences and Business (MScFB) aims at educating students to become professionals with versatile skills and expertise applicable to national and international forest sectors. The programme is based on high quality teaching founded in internationally renowned research. The programme is designed to allow the student to gain a broad knowledge base, to specialize in their own field, to think independently and critically, and to develop problem-solving skills

Graduates in Forest Ecology and Management have found employment in the fields of forestry, nature conservation, and environmental science both nationally and internationally. The work can include managing and utilizing detailed information about forest resources, the monitoring of forest carbon balances and biodiversity. Graduates from Forest Economics and Marketing typically find employment as experts in organizations and industry where environmental and economic issues are combined, such as marketing and management, research and consulting, as well as in the public sector at national or international levels. Continue reading “Want to be an expert in forest sciences and business?”

The application time for incoming exchange students ended on 15.10.2015!

SONY DSCThe University of Helsinki received once again hundreds of exchange applications from around the World in various programmes for the spring 2016! We want to thank you all warmly for applying!

If your application is approved, you will receive your acceptance letter by e-mail, sent by your host faculty. Acceptance information is usually available by the end of November latest. Before that your application is considered by your host faculty. Please try to wait patiently!

Continue reading “The application time for incoming exchange students ended on 15.10.2015!”

Next application period opens on December 1, 2014

viikki_labra_purkinkatselija2_veikkosomerpuro_400x281Thinking of study, but not sure where?  Find out what our international students and graduates have to say about us – The University of Helsinki might be the perfect match for you!

For international applicants the University of Helsinki offers a comprehensive selection of multidisciplinary, two-year International Master’s Programmes. They provide students with skills needed in demanding professions and give a solid foundation for doctoral studies.

Continue reading “Next application period opens on December 1, 2014”

Study Humanities and Social Sciences event 11.11.2014

1962163_10152403902978483_5624731444368432449_oCome and listen to the students’ experiences on student life, studying at the University of Helsinki and career prospects in the International Master’s Programmes in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. Event is open to everyone interested.

You can also follow the event through live webcast:

Time: November 11, 2014, 15:30 – 17:00
Venue: Think Corner (Tiedekulma), Yliopistonkatu 3, street level, Helsinki
Language of the event: English
Continue reading “Study Humanities and Social Sciences event 11.11.2014”

Browse the new International Master’s Programmes brochure!

kansi2015One of the world’s leading universities is looking for bright new students. Think clear, head north!

University of Helsinki is among the world’s leading multidisciplinary research universities regularly reaching the Top 100 in global university rankings. Helsinki has been ranked as the World’s Most Livable City and Finland as the World’s Best Country. Finland is also in the Top 10 of most highly educated nations in the world. Could the conditions for getting your academic career started be any better?

For international applicants UH offers a comprehensive selection of research-oriented two-year International Master’s Programmes. Browse the new brochure for more information about the programmes, admissions and student life from here!

By the way, the next application period begins December 1, 2014 and closes January 30, 2015 at 16:00 (GMT +2). Please note that the University of Helsinki has only one application period per year for graduate students.

The final date for applying for International Master’s Degree Programmes 2014 is fast approaching


The final date for applying for International Master’s Degree Programmes 2014 is fast approaching. The faculties base their decisions on the information and documents you provided during the application period (December 2, 2013 to January 31, 2014).

Only if you have your language test taken early enough (often at the latest in mid-January), or have your language skills otherwise indicated, and have your documents prepared for sending, it is still possible that you may get everything completed to meet the closing date. Use an international courier service to make sure that everything arrives at University Admissions Finland. Continue reading “The final date for applying for International Master’s Degree Programmes 2014 is fast approaching”

Top-level summer course on ecosystem services

The European Campus of Excellence gathers top teachers to Helsinki next summer. The three-week course will admit 25 students.

hyytiala 2_iso.jpg

The University of Helsinki has been given the responsibility to organise the European Campus of Excellence (ECE) course this summer. The three-week course, Measuring and Valuing Ecosystem Services, uses methods from agricultural and forest sciences as well as social sciences to focus on ecosystem services from a multidisciplinary perspective. Continue reading “Top-level summer course on ecosystem services”

Next application period opens on December 2, 2013

uutiskirje_kuvaDo you want to study at the University of Helsinki next year? Get ready! Next application period for graduate studies opens on December 2, 2013 and closes on January 31, 2014 at 16:00/4 p.m. (GMT +2).

The University of Helsinki has one intake of students per year at the graduate (Master’s) level. Students apply via University Admissions Finland (UAF). Please remember that the application form is available during the application period only. The key steps to apply can be found from here! Continue reading “Next application period opens on December 2, 2013”