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Welcome to the website of Kansantaloustieteen opiskelijat ry (KTTO in short), the association for students of economics at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 1959, the association is committed to safeguarding the interests and improving the general welfare of its members in the fields of leisure, study and work. We organize various events ranging from academic panel discussions and company visits to cultural excursions and kickass parties. Moreover, KTTO is the main link between students and the department’s staff and has a say in certain administrative matters. We also publish a quarterly magazine, Kapitaali, and our nearly unbeatable football team, KTTO ’59, is a leading champion.

All students majoring in economics at the University of Helsinki are automatically members of KTTO, but also others can apply for membership. For more information, please contact the board.

The Department of Economics

Our department is a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the largest of its kind in Finland. The department is located in the Economicum building, Arkadiankatu 7. Under the same roof are the departments of economics of Helsinki School of Economics and Hanken School of Economics as well as Helsinki Center for Economic Research and Government Institute for Economic Research, making it the largest center of education and research in the field of economics in Finland.

Contact us

The board: ktto-hallitus[at]
Chairperson of the board 2016: Petteri Salo, petteri.salo[at]
You’ll find the names of other board members here . All e-mail addresses are of the form

Stay posted

KTTO maintains a mailing list dedicated to international students. It provides information and announcements in English about events and other study-related activities and its address is ktto-kv[at] The faculty’s student association, Kannunvalajat, also has an English language newsletter at kannu-news[at] To join, send an e-mail containing only the text subscribe mailing-list (e.g. ktto-kv or kannu-news) to majordomo[at] Unsubscribing is surprisingly done in the same fashion, but the message now being unsubscribe mailing-list.

Useful links

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KTTO welcomes all international degree and exchange students to join its activities! Make the most out of your time in Finland!